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"CHIGURU 2024 "

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  • College Fest - Chiguru 2024
    Offstage events for chiguru 2024 was inaugurated by our Principal Prof. Suresh
  • Reopening of classes for even semesters
    Reopening of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester classes for the academic semester Jan-April 2024
  • Theory Examinations Dec-2023
    Theory Exams starting from 20-12-23. "All The Best For The Exams"
  • Practical Examination Dec-23
    Practical Exam Time Table Dec-23
 Upcoming Events
  • Chiguru 2k24
    Offstage events are being bought up for cultivating overall development
  • Reopening of classes for even semesters
    Even Semester classes reopens from 8th of Jan 2024 for the academic semester Jan-April 2024

Welcome To Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines.


Mechanical Engineering in K S Polytechnic was started in the year 1994, with intake of 60 students with well-furnished Laboratories and classrooms.

Seminars, guest lectures from academic and industrial experts are organised regularly. Frequent Industry Visits are conducted to bridge the academic curriculum gap with respect to academics.

Head Of The Department Desk


Mr. Shafiur Rahman

Head Of the Department

B.E, M.Tech

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and core branch of engineering. It basically deals with subjects like engineering drawing, material science, and strength of materials, fluid mechanics and machinery, thermal engineering, manufacturing process, etc. in recent years it has added several new disciplines like computer aided engineering drawing, computer integrated manufacturing, computer aided design, FEM,CAM, Etc. basically it is a branch which deals with design and manufacturing of any material on the earth.

We at K S Polytechnic strive hard to provide quality training /knowledge to the students through class room lectures, practicals, online and offline mode lectures, demos, video sessions etc. we provide hands on experience on various topics to individual students. We provide extra classes to those who show special interest in learning new technologies. We provide an environment for learning through discussions, laboratories, model making, films etc.


Job opportunities and Higher Studies :

Diploma certificate holder in mechanical engineering can find employment in the various industries including fabrication, manufacturing, design, research etc.

After completing their diploma in mechanical engineering, students can start their own industry. Also they can work as consultants in various departments of mechanical engineering.

Lateral entry to 3rd Semester BE Course for Karnataka Students through DCET.Post Diploma Courses in mechanical engineering, automobile engg, IEM, aeronautical engg, etc.

There are various job opportunities in Central and State Government sectors for diploma holders in mechanical engineering.

Few short-term courses for diploma mechanical engineers:

  • Autocad
  • Solid edge
  • Solid works
  • ProE / Creo
  • Ansys
  • Hyper mesh, etc .,

Some of the popular government recruiters are :

  • Indian Railways
  • National highway authority of India (NHAI)
  • ONGC
  • Steel Authority of India Ltd.
  • DRDO
  • PWD & Irrigation Department
  • ISRO
  • NGEF
  • HAL
  • NAL
  • Indian Army/navy and air force

Private sector jobs :

Diploma holders in mechanical engineering find lot of opportunities in private sector. They can work As foreman, supervisors, superintendents, mechanics, machine maintenance, operators etc. by gaining experience they can gain the positon of managers etc.

Some of the well-known recruiters are :

  • Hyundai
  • Telco
  • Tisco
  • Reliance
  • Bharath benz
  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Rapsree industries etc

Abroad jobs

Getting a job and working in a foreign country has lots of advantages in our professional development as well as finance. The demand for supervisory level posts is always high and Indian are most preferred for engineering jobs among many countries. job in abroad gives you the opportunity to explore a new part of the world, immerse yourself in a new culture, and travel where your specific skill set is most valued.


After completing a diploma in mechanical engineering, they can also become a job provider by becoming entrepreneurs and can start their own company. they can also register themselves as a contractor with various public sector undertakings. There is also other options/field you can choose to start like designing, manpower handling, safety, etc.

However, starting a new business can be quite challenging. But, as an engineer, you possess some characteristics that will make the overall process a bit easier like problem-solving ability, optimistic thinking, sound technical knowledge, etc. If you are really interested, nowadays there are plenty of resources and organizations that can help you out.

In order to become a successful entrepreneur, you need initiative, sound commercial sense, motivation, creativity and leadership skill. Good news is that the Indian Government is also providing the initial loan for start-ups under schemes like make in India and start-up India.


  • To impart quality training/knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering to become Proficient in recent trends in engineering.


  • To produce quality mechanical engineering who can sustain in the world of competition and find a place of their own.
  • To nurture and groom students to become self sufficient


PO-1 : Basic and discipline specific knowledge :

Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.

PO-2 : Problem analysis :

Identify and analyze well defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.

PO-3 : Design/development of solutions :

Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specific needs.

PO-4 : Engineering Tools, experimentation and testing :

Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.

PO-5 : The engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment :

Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

PO-6 : Project management :

Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities.

PO-7 : Lifelong learning :

Ability to analyze individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.


PEO-1 :

Analyze, design and solve problems related to mechanical engineering and adopt to changes in technology by self-learning.

PEO-2 :

Work effectively as individuals and in a team, exhibiting leadership qualities to meet the goals of a project or the organization.

PEO-3 :

Work with professionalism and concern for environment to meet the societal needs.

PEO-4 :

Engage in higher learning leading to degrees or certificates.


PSO-1 :

Apply concepts in core areas of mechanical engineering- hydraulics and fluid power, management systems, mechanics of machines and thermal engineering to solve technical issues.

PSO-2 :

Develop and optimise solutions in computer aided manufacturing platforms.

Research and Development

Research and development is the first stage for the overall development of any organization. Basically R & D work is carried out without any expectations of making profit, instead directed towards achieving awards, recognitions, patents, copy rights, etc. KSSEM Mechanical Engineering R &D centre is equipped with highly qualified and experienced supervisors with the computing and testing facilities for the research scholars to carry out their research.

R & D Activities

Sponsored Projects

Ph.D Pursuing

Many researcher scholars under KSSEM Mechanical research centre are working in different areas that include design and analysis, composite materials, magnetic bearings, coating techniques, welding process, heat transfer.

Ph.D Awardees

Time Table

Class Time Table

4th semester timetable [download here]

2nd semester time table [download here]

Test Time Table

II SEM CIE-3 [download here]

IV SEM CIE-3 [download here]

IV SEM CIE-2 [download here]

II SEM CIE-2 [download here]

CIE-1 [download here]

CIE-1 [download here]

Calendar of Events

Calendar of event for the academic semester Jan-April 2024 [download here]

2nd semester calendar of events. [download here]

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

1st and 2nd Sem Syllabus [view here]

3rd and 4th Sem Syllabus [view here]

5th and 6th Sem Syllabus [view here]

News letter


Shafiur Rahman

Shafiur Rahman

Head of the Department

Mr Shashi Kumar G S

Mr Shashi Kumar G S

Senior Lecturer

Mr Karthik C

Mr Karthik C


Supporting Staff

Charan Kumar B

Charan Kumar B

Asst. Instructor

Nagesh K

Nagesh K



Department Achievers


DCET 2023


Heartily Congratulations from The Management,Principal ,Staff of K. S. Polytechnic to all the students on your exceptional performance in the DCET exam! May this success be the stepping stone to a bright and promising future. Keep up the excellent work, and may your academic journey continue to be filled with success and opportunities!


DCET 2023


Heartily Congratulations from The Management,Principal ,Staff of K. S. Polytechnic to all the students on your exceptional performance in the DCET exam! May this success be the stepping stone to a bright and promising future. Keep up the excellent work, and may your academic journey continue to be filled with success and opportunities!

List of FCD Students




Management,Principal and staff of Mechanical Engg department hearty congratulate Mr.Varun M S for securing First class with distinction in 3rd year [View here]

Management,Principal and staff of Mechanical Engg department hearty congratulate Mr.Karthik B for securing First class with distinction in 2nd year [View here]

Management,Principal and staff of Mechanical Engg department hearty congratulate Mr.Sudhanva Shrisha for securing First class with distinction in 1st year [View here]

Infrastructure / Facilities

Ten laboratory courses have been listed in the curriculum for the under graduate program in the department. Every laboratory has adequate facility in terms of necessary instruments / equipments for conducting experiments in the department as per the course requirement.

  • CAED laboratory
  • Language laboratory
  • Fluid mechanics laboratory
  • Thermal engg laboratory
  • Heat and mass transfer laboratory
  • CIM laboratory
  • ANSYS laboratory
  • Design laboratory
  • Machine shop
  • Basic work shops etc

Department Labs



A machine shop or engineering workshop is a job floor here, a form of subtractive manufacturing, is done. In a machine shop, students use machine tools and cutting tools to make parts, usually of metal.Students learn to operate machine tools like Lathe, Milling Machine, Shaper and Drilling Machines.

View more


Basic Workshop Practice Lab

Workshop practice is the backbone of the real industrial environment which helps to develop and enhance relevant technical hand skills required by an engineer working in the various engineering industries and workshops.Here students will be engaged in learning operations related to carpentry,sheet metal,fitter,welding.

View more


Material Testing Lab

Material Testing Laboratory is a well equipped laboratory which provides ideas on the practical knowledge of test several properties of material like ductility, surface roughness, malleability, hardenability etc. This laboratory is scheduled for 3rd and 4th semester Mechanical engineering students. Apart from curriculum, some additional experimental setups are there which helps the students to enhance their knowledge.

View more


Foundry Forging lab

The Foundry and Forging Lab acquaints students with the practical aspects of manufacturing processes. Through laboratory experiments, students of Mechanical Engineering learn about processes like casting and forging.

View more


Fluid Power Engineering Lab

The Fluids Lab is designed and equipped to support the curriculum of Mechanical Engineering. The lab has the tools, machines, and set up necessary to conduct over 25 experiments on topics related to the fundamental laws of fluid mechanics. This includes Pascal?s Law, Archimedes? Principle, Reynold?s dye test, and hydraulic machines that include positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and turbines

View more


Additive Manufacturing Lab

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing is an Emerging technology, Where the Manufacturing a product is much faster than all conventional manufacturing technologies. Many manufacturing Industries use various 3D Printing technologies in various applications such as in Automobile, Aerospace, Defense and in Bio- medical applications etc.

View more


Computer Lab

This lab by the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering helps students model and simulate a mechanism. Equipped with the latest computers, and with advanced modelling and multi body simulation software, the lab helps students visualize the working of various mechanisms.

View more

Departmental Library

The department has its own library which has more than 2500 text books and reference book catering to the needs of UG (B.E) and PG (M. Tech) students as well as Teaching Staffs. The library preserves previous year's project, dissertation and seminar reports. Every year books of worth Rs. 45,000/- are being added to the stock. The students and Staffs borrow books from the library periodically.

Collection Of books

Placement Details

The department of Mechanical Engineering encourages the student to actively participate in the training sessions throughout the year conducted by Placement cell. The department also organizes seminars and workshops on various current topics, provide exposure to latest personality development modules, industrial visits, orientation program personal counseling by the professionals, industry-institute interactions, etc. which has resulted into dramatic placements in the reputed core companies across the country.



Annual Sports meet

"Annual sports meet was conducted including various events such as Inter departmental cricket tournament, ball in the basket, shuttle for men and women, throw ball, shotput etc.."


View more


Annual Sports meet

"Annual sports meet was conducted including various events such as Inter departmental cricket tournament, ball in the basket, shuttle for men and women, throw ball, shotput etc.."


View more


Scrap Modeling Event 2023

"We appreciate and congratulate all the participants of scrap modeling conducted as a part of Chiguru 2023"


View more


Seminar on "Advanced Manufacturing Process" by Ms. Veena Chougala

"We Express our sincere thanks to Ms. Veena Chougala Research scholar at VTU Belgaum,for conducting a seminar on "Advanced Manufacturing Process"."


View more


Yoga sessions conducted to improve concentration, physical and mental health

"Yoga Session conducted by NSS Cell of K S Polytechnic in association with Shri Pathanjali Yoga Shikshana Samiti (R). "

View more


Seminar on Entrepreneurship and startups by Mr. Niranjan Balaji

"As a part of IIC a seminar was organised for students do develop entrepreneurship and startup thoughts in their young age. We heartily thank Mr. Niranjan Balaji CEO Rapsol Technologies for conducting this seminar."


View more


Teaching and Learning

The faculty of Mechanical Engineering department attends various MOOCS and training programs on advanced topics, to update their knowledge and skills, and gives additional inputs in the classes. Further, the faculty conducts various innovative teaching and learning activities inside and outside the classrooms to engage the students effectively and efficiently. The teaching and learning activities conducted by the faculty for the improvement of student learning includes:

  • Teaching with working models, simulations and animated videos
  • Assignments which include applied level questions and Case studies.
  • Conduction of online and classroom quizzes, surprise class tests, open book assignments, group discussions, seminars etc.
  • Usage of ICT tools, LMS platform: Google classrooms for posting assignments and lecture materials.

The instructional materials and pedagogical activities are uploaded in Google drive and the associated links are made available on institutional website for student and faculty access.

Instructional Materials

PMS All units Notes [view here]

PMS Question Papers [view here]

Advanced Manufacturing Process Question Bank solved [view here]

Advanced Manufacturing process Answer for question paper [view here]

Lab Manuals

CAD (20ME12P) [view here]

Mechanical Workshop Practice (20ME21P) [view here]

Mechanics of Materials (20ME31P) [view here]

Machine Tool Technology (20ME32P) [view here]

Manufacturing Process (20ME33P) [view here]

FPE (20ME34P) [view here]

Operations Management (20ME41P) [view here]

CNC Machining and Programming (20ME42P) [view here]

PD and D (20ME43P) [view here]

MOUs Signed

Alumni Association

The KSSEM Alumini association "CHIRANTHANA" is an association of alma mater. The purpose of the association is to foster the spirit of loyalty and to promot the general welfare of the organisation. Alumini association exists to support the parent organisation goals and to strengthen the ties between alumni and present student community. The association continuously support the student community by organising the technical talk, workshops, guest lectures from the industry experts. The KSSEM alumni meet (CHIRANTHANA) is held on first Sunday of November, every year.

NBA Links

Professional Bodies

The department of Mechanical Engineering is associated with eminent professional bodies to improve the proficiency of the students.

  • "Insitution of Engineers (India)" (IEI)
  • "Society of Automotive Engineers" (SAE)
  • "Indian Society for Technical Education" (ISTE)
  • "Indian Institute of Foundrymen" (IIF)

The department continuously encourages students and faculties to become members of these professional bodies and motivates to participate, organize various events and competitions under these platforms.

Higher Education

The department provides the guidelines for the students to pursue their higher studies. The students are trained to appear in the online examination relevant to their field of studies and motivated to score the required grade to get their admission in the reputed universities. The students are encouraged and guided for the selection of universities for the higher studies in the following fields,

  • Production Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Thermal Power Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • Machine Design
  • Engineering Analysis and Design
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Product Design and Manufacturing
  • Tool Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Production Engineering and System Technology
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Robotics and Automation
  • Information Technology
  • Material Science and Technology
  • Textile Technology
  • Energy System Engineering
  • M.Sc (Engineering) and Integrated PhD from reputed Universities and IITs
  • MBA programs
  • Specialized courses like Robotics, MEMS, Mechatronics CNC, CAD/CAM


MECHTRIX As per the quotation "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world", the power of imagination is infinitely more valuable than our limited knowledge now and forever, you might think. This Mechtrix forum provides a plat form to organize activities, to increases the creativity and imagination skills of the students, there by helping them in developing innovative ideas.

Main Objectives of MECHTRIX

  • To conduct workshops, seminars, industrial visits and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society.
  • To support students in applying creative thinking and design techniques to interdisciplinary design processes based on mechanical engineering.
  • To increase communication skill of the students so that they can share their ideas with others and to cooperate, thus establishing the leadership to manage the organization effectively .
  • To enhance their open-minds and positively critic spirits to recognize social and ethical responsibilities for what they have researched and developed.
  • To acknowledge international role of engineers in the global society, and develop the leadership for industrial, academic and research institutes.


Vision aims to maintain the high level of interaction between the students and the faculty members. To organize technical sessions, workshops and through a close tie-up with the industry also to assist in managing the resources and labs of the department.


Contribute to development of student community of researchers in educational and cultural evaluation for both theory and practical knowledge.


To provide superior quality in term of studies and services by sharing team spirit and working cohesively.


    The Forum "Encryptonites" is very useful in achieving the mission of the department. The main objectives of the forum are :
  • Establishing discussions with faculty and students
  • Industrial Visits
  • Technical Talks by the experts in the emerging fields of Mechanical Engineering
  • Projects related to our syllabus
  • Industry- Institute Interaction
  • Intra department competitions

Club Activities

External Links (Club)


Students of final year undergoing internship at Universal automations Pvt Ltd [view here]

Hearty Congratulations to Final Year Mechanical Engineering Student for getting placed as Interns at 3D Printzkart with Stipend. [view here]

Hearty Congratulations to all the Final year students for getting placed as interns at Maini Precision Products [view here]

We are glad to inform that following students have been placed at Proman Industries Pvt Ltd. Hearty Congratulations to the bellow students from Principal, HOD and faculty of ME. 1. Likith Shetty 2021-22 2. Sudhakar 2022-23 3. Jaswanth Raju 2022-23 [view here]


Ongoing project on convex milling machine [view here]

Ongoing project on pick and place robot [view here]


We appreciate 2nd semester and 4th semester students who have been enthusiastically involved in making mini projects and exhibitting their hidden talents. [view here]

We appreciate 2nd semester and 4th semester students who have been enthusiastically involved in making mini projects and exhibitting their hidden talents. [view here]

Social Activities

Other Details

Faculty Development Programme

Industrial Visit


Maini Precision Products Pvt.Ltd

Engaged in Manufacturing of Precision equipment related to automobile and aeronautics components

View more


Panchamukhi Technologies

Engaged in Sub-contacting work to Kennametals India Pvt.Ltd in Manufcaturing of CNC and VMC Machine tools

View more


CNC DIE casting, Anjanapura Industrial are Bangalore

Manufacturers of components related to Construction and Automobile parts

View more


AMS India Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers of CNC Milling and Turning Machine Tools

View more

Project Exhibition

Project work Exhibition will be organized for the final year project work students. Students exhibit their innovative project work for the evaluation from the panel members. It gives an opportunity for the students to expose and get the feedback of their project work and best project will be announced at the end of the program.

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